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Based on the west coast of Scotland in Dunoon, only 1 hour from Glasgow, Wreckspeditions are here to offer some of the best Scottish wreck diving and beautiful scenic diving throughout the Firth of Clyde. We also provide expeditions throughout Scotland's south west corner. Some of our popular destinations include the Mull of Kintyre, Troon, Ailsa Craig and the Isles of Arran, Islay, Jura & Gigha. If you fancy organising your next diving adventure with us then please get in touch via our contact us page, check us out on the social media links above, or simply book with us now!  


Covid-19 Update 11.09.2020


How will this affect the way we operate our charters?

We have received official confirmation from Government and Transport Scotland that we now fall under the Transport for Scotland guidelines with regard to Covid rules.  This now means that there are no household restrictions on our boat as it is a completely open space and we are classed as a public transport service much like a ferry is. This now means we can accommodate 6 divers from 6 different households as long as the 1m social distancing rule is adhered to.   Please take the time to read through the information below.  We will update you all as soon as new guidelines are announced.


We are delighted that we can still offer powerboat trips. For the meantime we can accommodate single households up to 6 persons maximum with our seating arrangement.

MARINA UPDATES (no changes here)


  • As of the 10th of August we can confirm that we are now able to pick up 6 divers max from Holy Loch Marina, Inverkip Marina and Largs Yacht Haven (minimum numbers still apply to run).

  • As of the 15th of July all Holy Loch Marina facilities including toilets are now open.

  • As of the 15th of July the Marina Cafes are now open. 

  • Inverkip Marina toilets are NOT OPEN to public, however the cafe toilets are open to paying customers.

  • As from the 10th July in Scotland it is MANDATORY to wear face masks in all shops, this will include any shop in the marina and also the marina receptions.

  • Trolleys will be available for divers to take equipment to the boat. There will be antibacterial spray laid beside them, please spray down before and after use.

  • At the marinas, please make use of the hand sanitising stations on the security gates before and after boarding.


  • No household restrictions for diving groups.

  • Face coverings not legally required if 1m social distancing can be adhered to, but are still advised.

  • After dives the skipper can now offer some assistance getting back onto the boat.  This will all be explained during the skippers briefing prior to departure.

  • We can now provide teas and coffees on board but customers will be required to bring their own cup/flask with them.

  • Powerboat trips will remain restricted to single households due to our seating configuration.

COVID Procedure Acceptance Form - IMPORTANT


Your safety is our number one priority.  Please can we ask each diver to complete an acceptance form prior to diving with us. Please print this form and bring it with you. If you need help completing the form or do not have access to a printer please contact us.

The form for divers can be found here.

The form for powerboat trip guests can be found here.


Important information for divers aboard the Starfish Enterprise


  • Divers will be asked to stay in their designated seating area where possible.

  • Divers will be expected to be as self-sufficient as possible but now with the 1m restriction in place, the skipper will be able to provide some assistance.

  • Buddy checks must be performed whilst maintaining a 1 metre distance, unless from the same household. Emergency regulator checks must be performed using the purge button and not placed in the divers’ mouth. 

  • No spitting in masks whilst on board the boat. Where possible please use anti-fogging liquid (apparently half a potato does the same trick!) and rinse with a bottle of water.

  • Please keep your regulator in your mouth at all times when buddy checks are completed and you are ready for entry.

  • When being recovered from the water please keep your regulator in your mouth at all times until you are sat down in your designated seat.

  • All personal possessions should be kept in your own dry bag (including PPE, phones, keys, food & drinks) and stored close to your own kit using the bench rails.

Pricing & pickup locations

We are currently able to provide pickups from all our main locations now with Holy Loch Marina, Inverkip Marina and now Largs Yacht Haven.

£50 per diver per day based on 2 dives. We can accommodate 6 divers maximum from 4 households under the new rules.



Payments will be made in the normal way via our website prior to divers arriving at the marina.

You will see the change in prices and restrictions on locations during the booking process.



Normal terms & conditions apply.

Risk assessment

A full risk assessment has been produced. A copy of this is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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