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Skipper Jason

The Skipper

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Jason is a Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper and RYA Powerboat Instructor. He is also a BSAC Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor.  His experience skippering boats goes back a long way and started when he was working on the fish farms in the Scottish Highlands. He has also worked in the North Sea as a Fast Rescue Coxswain and on the Thames Clippers in London as a High Speed Craft Officer. 

He is a passionate diver and loves finding shipwreck sites that are rarely dived. At Wreckspeditions we are keen to explore new areas and offer new and exciting sites to our divers.

The Expedition Planner


Claire is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor. She has plenty of experience in organising diving expeditions to the most remote of places, including up the top of mountains, rivers and quarries yet she always manages to find air fills and alcohol wherever she goes! Claire's enthusiasm for expedition planning shines through and will certainly help to make your trip very memorable!

The Starfish Enterprise

She is a Redbay Stormforce 7.4m RHIB catering for up to 10 persons on board or up to 8 divers. She is fully coded to meet the MCA requirements for category 3 Restricted (up to 20nm from a safe haven in favourable conditions in daylight, and up to 5nm at night). 

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Our Brand
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Our Brand

The creation of Wreckspeditions and our Brand was certainly a family affair.  Firstly our name.  Ideas were put forth by family and friends about a suitable, memorable name for our business and it was boiled down to just one, and a winner but some margin.  We love diving shipwrecks and we love expeditions. It is us in a nutshell. Shipwrecks & Expeditions were combined to create Wreckspeditions.  The legacy begins, and we have Claire's mum to thank for that.


The logo was brought together by Jasons' two talented younger sisters.  Firstly Rosie used her amazing art skills to create the hand drawn logo with the ship becoming wrecked at sea, surrounded by the points of a compass rose.  Kirsty then took over and used some different art skills to expertly create the digital file.  


The Starfish Enterprise has become a bit of a boating celebrity thanks to her name.  Jason & Claire combined their thoughts and came up with a name that puts a smile on the faces of all who visit (or at least get the Trekky reference :) and boldly goes where no powerboat has gone before! The legacy continues.


Now you know the origins.....why not come visit part of our story!

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