Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for booking the Starfish Enterprise.



Divers MUST be fit and able to dive and show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  If a diver is deemed unfit to dive due to showing any of these symptoms, the skipper has the right to refuse entry to the vessel. 


Divers MUST read our latest COVID-19 updates and have printed and signed the new declaration form prior to boarding the vessel.

Cancelling Your Booking

Clyde Diving Trips & Rib Rides - A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled more than 4 weeks in advance. If cancelling within 4 weeks of the trip start date, the full trip balance will be payable.

Expedition Diving Trips - Deposit is non-refundable and full balance of the trip is payable if cancelling less than 12 weeks before trip start date.

Wreckspeditions Dive Charters Ltd reserves the right to change prices, deposits, bookings and details without notice.

Cancellation and Changes By Us


Diving is weather and tide dependent. We reserve the right to change dive sites or departure times according to weather and operational requirements. On occasions due to sea, weather or safety considerations, we reserve the right to cancel the trip with minimal notice. Wreckspeditions Dive Charters Ltd is not responsible or liable for any external costs i.e. accommodation and travel costs. Your payment will be credited to your account or refunded.

You are advised to check with Wreckspeditions Dive Charters Ltd before leaving to travel to the dive site.

The Divers

No check is made of divers' qualifications or fitness to dive. Diving is a potentially hazardous sport and should only be undertaken by suitably trained people. The skipper reserves the right to refuse to allow a diver into the water. You are responsible for the conduct of your own dive and for ensuring that you are trained and equipped for the dive site and that your equipment is safely stored on the boat. Dive times must not exceed 60 minutes (surface to surface) unless otherwise agreed by the skipper.


The boat and skipper are fully insured for third party liability while you are aboard; you are not insured when in the water. Equipment you may lose or damage onboard is not covered. You are asked to beware when boarding or leaving the vessel.

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