Holy Loch Wrecks x 6
Depths: 8m – 20m


The Holy Loch was home to the American naval base during the Cold War. There were many barges, tools, vehicles and other artefacts dumped in the Loch when they finally left in 1992. Most of these items have been recovered or are now buried in the silt, but still many interesting and sheltered wrecks remain. So far we have discovered 2 landing crafts in depths of 18m and are both diveable in the same dive. These would have each carried 2 or 3 small armed vehicles or similar. The decks are wide enough to swim along and the tiny box wheelhouse looked like they were manned by children going on the size! They lie parallel to each other and are very similar in design, though one is said to be American and one is said to be German. Can you spot the difference?


There are also a couple of fishing boat wrecks, with one being around 40m away from an unknown, unnamed wreck. She appears to be around 30m in length, has a wooden hull with metal structure, bow and stern both raised, lots of artefacts on the deck, but no real identifying features. The marine life on this wreck is fantastic with shoals of fish often swimming around. The wreck is also host to many filter feeders, deadmans fingers and many species of anemone.

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