Covid-19 Update 26.12.2020


We are now unable to take any further bookings for diving or powerboat trips as the whole of Scotland mainland has now entered Tier 4 meaning we are in Lockdown. We will update you all when the rules and restrictions change.

Important updates for divers when you are allowed back out with us;


  • Until such a time as is deemed safe to do so, we will be requiring ALL persons on board to wear face coverings from the time you step onto the marina pontoons, until we have reached the dive site and you are kitting up whilst we are stationery. These must be stored in your own dry bag whilst you are kitting up and in the water.

  • Divers will be asked to stay in their designated seating area where possible.

  • Divers will be expected to be as self-sufficient as possible but now with the current 1m restriction in place, the skipper will be able to provide some assistance. The Skipper will be wearing a face covering whilst assisting.

  • Buddy checks must be performed whilst maintaining a 1 metre distance, unless from the same household. Emergency regulator checks must be performed using the purge button and not placed in the divers’ mouth. 

  • No spitting whilst on board, any spitting on board will not be tolerated!!. Where possible please use anti-fogging liquid (apparently half a potato does the same trick!) and rinse with a bottle of water or in the sea. If you require to spit/blow nose etc please do so in the water after entry or before recovery to the boat.

  • Please keep your regulator in your mouth at all times when buddy checks are completed and you are ready for entry.

  • When being recovered from the water please keep your regulator in your mouth at all times until you are sat down in your designated seat.

  • All personal possessions should be kept in your own dry bag to reduce the need for unnecessary contact (including PPE, phones, keys, food & drinks) and stored close to your own kit using the bench rails.

COVID Procedure Acceptance Form - IMPORTANT


Your safety is our number one priority.  Please can we ask each person to complete an acceptance form prior to diving with us. Please print this form and bring it with you. If you need help completing the form or do not have access to a printer please contact us.

The form for divers can be found here.

The form for powerboat trip guests can be found here.​



  • All marina open spaces are open for berth holders to check their vessels etc, but non essential travel is not permitted, so we are unable to operate from here.


  • We will update here when we have information on what the restrictions will be post lockdown.



Normal terms & conditions apply.

Risk assessment

A full risk assessment has been produced. A copy of this is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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