The Skipper

Jason is a Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper with a valid commercial endorsement and a BSAC Dive Leader qualification. His experience skippering boats goes back a (very) long way (hee hee!) and started when he was working on the fish farms in the Scottish Highlands. Here he worked his way through his RYA Powerboat qualifications and when he became a full time skipper he gained his current Yachtmasters. He has also worked in the North Sea as a Fast Rescue Coxswain and on the Thames Clippers in London as a High Speed Craft Officer.  His most recent success has been qualifying as an RYA Pwerboat Instructor, so watch this space!! He has a 100% record for finding shipwrecks and aeroplanes when other skippers are struggling and loves nothing more than exploring areas that others won't and the challenge of finding a new site.


Expedition Planner

Claire is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. She has plenty of experience in organising diving expeditions to the most remote of places, including up the top of mountains, rivers and quarries yet she always manages to find airfills and alcohol wherever she goes! Claire's enthusiasm for expedition planning shines through and will certainly help to make your trip very memorable!

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